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Combination Legal Notice (Provider Identification)

Provider and therefore responsible for the commercial and business-related website content is Reutlingen University, represented by President Professor Dr Hendrik Brumme.

Information in accordance with Sec. 2, Para.1 of the Service Provider Information Requirements Regulation (DL-InfoV).
This website is an information service provided by

Hochschule Reutlingen / Reutlingen University
Alteburgstraße 150
72762 Reutlingen
Deutschland / Germany


Telephone: +49 7121 271-0

Location of Reutlingen University is 72762 Reutlingen
Competent local court: Reutlingen
Legal status: Public body (KdöR)
Applicable law: Law of the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD)
Tax Office Reutlingen
Value added tax identification number: DE 811 323 197

Authorised to represent: Professor Dr Hendrik Brumme, President

Competent supervisory authority 
Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts 
Baden-Württemberg (MWK)
Königstraße 46
70173 Stuttgart
Telephone: +49 711 270-0
Telefax: +49 711 279-3080

Competent supervisory authority for data protection 
State Officer for Data Protection and Freedom of Information 
Königstraße 10 a
70173 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/615541-0
FAX: 0711/615541-15

Information on online dispute resolution according to Art. 14 Para. 1 ODR-VO:
The EU Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OD) which you will find under The OD platform is the contact point for the out-of-court resolution of disputes related to contractual obligations.

We are neither obliged nor prepared to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer mediation board.

Journalistically accountable for editorial contributions in accordance with Sec. 55 Para. 2 Interstate Broadcasting and Tele media Agreement (RStV):
ESB Business School, Reutlingen University, Alteburgstraße 150, 72762 Reutlingen, Deutschland/Germany
Prof. Dr. Chrisoph Binder, Dean of ESB Business School
Dietmar Bothor, Virtual Engineering and Training Center

External Data Protection Officer in accordance with Art. 37 GDPR:
Maximilian Musch, Deutsche Datenschutzkanzlei (German Law Office for Data Protection)

Technical support for this website: 
Wolfgang Honigberger, Head of Computer and Media Center, 
Reutlingen University, Alteburgstraße 150, 72762 Reutlingen, Deutschland/Germany

Design of this website: 
12bis3, Buchfink und Harsch GbR, Schoellstraße 7, 70599 Stuttgart, Deutschland/Germany
Telephone: +49 711 75 85 78 75, email:

Reutlingen University may at its discretion, without assuming any liability and without notice, amend this website in whole or in part and shut it down at any time. By setting hyperlinks to third-party websites Reutlingen University does not make either these websites or their contents its own. Furthermore, Reutlingen University is not responsible for the availability of these websites or their contents. 

© Copyright
All rights reserved. Text, pictures and graphics as well as their arrangement on the website are protected by copyright and other protective laws. The content of this website must not be copied, distributed, modified or made available to third parties for commercial purposes. 

© Copyright image sources:
Reutlingen University
Fotoatelier Karl Scheuring
Peter Graf (Karlsruhe)
Michael Bolay Fotografie

Notice: General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)
For greater readability no distinction has been made between male and female. Terms used automatically imply equal treatment for both genders. 

This legal notice was created by:
Deutsche Datenschutzkanzlei Datenschutz-Office (German Law Office for Data Protection) Munich